Easy trick to earn from Instagram ogads. [METHOD 2020]

Today we’ll share an easy trick to earn from Instagram using ogads. You can earn easily more than 20$ per day if you follow this simple guide.

As we all know everyone is super active on social networks. And currently, Instagram is the most popular social network. Instagram ha users from every country. So how can you take the benefit of a large audience of Instagram and easily earn from Instagram with the help of Instagram ogads?

What is Instagram Ogads

Instagram is a social networking app owned by Facebook. On Instagram, people share pictures of their lifestyle or anything they love. Instagram also loved by celebrities you can find popular celebrities there. From footballers to actors you can find anyone on Instagram.

Ogads is a CPA ad network. Cpa means cost per action. Ogads have hundreds of affiliation products related to multiple niches. They provide a free landing page for its users.

earn from instagram

Landing page is a standalone webpage that is created by the user. Suppose if you are working on the iPhone giveaway niche. When the user clicks on your affiliate link (We’ll read about it later in this article) he’ll land on this landing page and when he registers on that page or perform some activity you’ll get your money.

How you can earn from Instagram Ogads

Instagram is a great place for photo sharing but other than that you can use it to earn money. There are many ways from which you can earn money from Instagram. Like if you have thousands of followers you can give a shoutout and earn from Instagram. But for that, you have to earn followers first. Other than that you can become an Instagram micro-influencer (You can prefer this guide on how to become an Instagram micro-influencer) and can promote products of brands. You can easily earn from 20$ to 500$ per post depending on your followers and brand you are promoting.

What is Instagram Ogads

Everyone knows these methods and several are earning from Instagram using these methods. Another popular method from which people earn from Instagram is through meme pages. Yes, memes are loved by everyone shared by everyone. And, memes pages have a great audience.

But most people don’t know that the best medium is affiliation from which they can easily earn from Instagram. Using the CPA network. Instagram is the best place for earn money from CPA networks. All you have to do is spend 2-3 hours on Instagram and you can easily earn from Instagram. Currently, there are many people who are earning from Instagram using CPA.  This is not a new method but a very underrated method and people are still earning from Instagram ogads.

How to get started for Instagram ogads

Register on ogads. Ogads is currently one of the best CPA networks. You can choose another network if you want. I just prefer Ogads because I love working with them.

If you have an old Instagram account that its very good. Otherwise, create a new Instagram on a specific niche. For example babies or pets or anything you love.


  1. Signed up with ogads. They have a pre-build landing page that you can use. from this link click here.
  2. You can create multiple landing pages. Or can choose from their collection according to your niche. Their general niche landing page is very good if you want you can use that.
  3. Setup your niche-specific Instagram account.
  4. Grow your Instagram account.


(How to grow your Instagram account as quickly as possible. Focus on followers and following, you need to have followers and following that are based on your niche. Use hashtags to find peoples to follow for your niche. Suppose you are working on the pet niche. Then search for hashtags related to pets, dogs, and cats. Then find big accounts related to your niche and follow them. Daily follow multiple accounts and soon you’ll start gaining followers. )

But you don’t need any followers and posts to work with this method.

You just need to follow people related to your niche. After following them send your affiliation link/landing page link to those people. When they click on these links and register you’ll earn money. Create 4-5 Instagram account and send messages from those accounts. But make sure you send messages to people related to your niche only then you’ll get click on your link.

Don’t limit yourself to Instagram. Be creative and use other social platforms also as Snapchat, Facebook. But there is a lot of competition on Facebook. But you can easily make this method work on Instagram and Pinterest. Just work on a specific niche. You can work on multiple niches but for that, you have to use new accounts for them.

Its hard to get approval for ogads. Some people get it easily but some have problems in getting it. So here is a list of some alternative of Ogads you can use. If you are not getting easy approval from ogads. Other than ogads i personally prefer CPALEAD.

Easy trick to earn from Instagram ogads. [METHOD]

Alternative of ogads

  1. Cpalead
  2. Cpabuild
  3. Adgate media
  4. Adwork media
  5. Cpagrip
  6. Clickbooth
  7. Cpa way
  8. Peerfly
  9. Mgcash
  10. Lead bolt

Why Instagram ogads is better than other methods to earn from Instagram

You can tie-up with brands and post about their products. Brands easily give hundreds of dollars just for one post. But this all depends on your followers and engagements of your Instagram account. You can become an influencer and easily promote brands with your post.

You can start your online store and can sell your products on Instagram. But for all other methods, you need to have hundreds of followers. well on other hand for Instagram Ogads all you need is approval from CPA network. And after that, you can share your link as much as you can and you can start earning from the very first day.

While for other methods you have to create and build your account, you have to create an audience and these things take time to setup. So most probably you’ll have to wait for months if you want to earn from Instagram using other methods.

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