PUBG erangle 2.0 map is here [How to get Erangle 2.0 map]

PUBG erangle 2.0 map is here

We all know how much everyone loves PUBG. PUBG also is known as players unknown battleground, is an online multiplayer game. Currently the most popular game in the world. 555 million players have been downloaded this PUBG.

PUBG is developed by South Korean company and Pubg is published by Tencent gaming. PUBG is available for both PC and mobile. In pubg 100 players fight for their survival. The one who survived till last is the ultimate winner.

PUBG is currently the most downloaded game of android and ios. Its popularity can be determined by the way it left behind FORTNITE. Today in this article we’ll talk about PUBG because PUBG is releasing new map ERANGLE 2.0. And, as a PUBG lover, this is very good news for everyone who loves PUBG.

Erangle 2.0 map Update

Erangle 2.0 map

Here is very good news for all the PUBG players. The new map will be launch as soon as possible the name of the new map is ERANGLE 2.0. Every PUBG player loves erangle. Well, erangle was the first map and after some time other maps introduced by PUBG.

Every map is different from each other size of every map is different. Now we all have our preferences when it comes to map. Some love erangle some love Miramar, some love vikendi and some people prefer sanhok.

So what’s new in this Erangle 2.0 map. Erangle 2.0 is totally different from other maps. It’s full of surprises for the players. As it has many hidden places it includes new vehicle and also users will find new guns.

So what’s new in Erangle 2.0 map of PUBG let’s find out.

New features of Erangle 2.0 map

erangle 2.0 map

1 Two hidden places
2 New vehicles
3 New Guns
4 Tunnels
5 Drone


there are some new places added to the new Erangle 2.0 map. But two new places that everyone wants to see will be hidden places of Erangle 2.0 map. Players can find heaven items in these hidden places just like they find heaven items in vikendi cave. This will surprise to all PUBG players when they’ll find about this hidden place. uSer can find flare gun and drones in these places. This map would be so much fun for all the players.

New Vehicle

New cars will be available on the new map in erangle 2.0 map. You can find new vehicle name of this new vehicle is Rock ‘n’ roll. Boosters will also available but for cars only. Later there would be new cars. Just like we have different vehicles in all other maps.


Yes, it is true all guns will be different on this map. You can say the new erangle 2.0 map is full of new surprises. New AR, SMG, MACHINE GUNS, and NEW SNIPERS can be found in the erangle 2.0 map.  But here is a good surprise for all the PUBG lovers there will be a BAZOOKA in erangle 2.0 map. As we all know BAZOOKA is the most powerful gun it can kill the whole squad or car at once. The reload timing of BAZOOKA is very high as compared to other guns. Players can use the scope on BAZOOKA for a more accurate target.


There will be secret tunnels has in the new erangle 2.0 map. In the tunnel there would be heavenly loot there would be only two ways for entrance and exit. Once you get to enter the tunnel it would be difficult to find the exit. Without bots, players can’t reach to the tunnels. As we said earlier erangle 2.0 map is full of surprises and new things.


Drones will be available in erangle 2.0 map. The drone can be very helpful to find the location of your enemies. You can use drones from any position. And when your drone spot enemy you can rush there and kill the. We all have been waiting for new this new update. Drones are already available in vikendi so people are familiar with how to use drones. The player can control the drone using the remote.

Different modes of PUBG games

There are different modes in pubg game. Players can play arcade mode, classic mode, arena mode. Each mode has different gameplay and different maps. Usually, players play classic mode. But if you don’t have time to play a full-length match you can choose to play from other modes as arcade mode game lasts only for some minutes.


If you have no other teammate. Or you want to play alone against 99 players you can opt for solo mode. In solo mode, there is no revival. You are on your own.


In duo mode, you’ll have one other teammate. You play as a team and can help each other. If you get knocked your teammate can revive you and you can do the same for him. In duo mode, only two players can play together against the 49 Teams.


When it comes to squad you can add 3 other players in your squad. There will be 24 teams against you. most of the players prefer squad because you can play with your friends. And you can be unstoppable when you play with your friends because they are always there to revive you.

Maps of pubg

Currently, there are only four maps available in pubg. And erangle 2.0 will be a new addition in the maps.

– Erangle
– Miramar
– Sanhok
– Vikendi

Different Servers

PUBG game is popular worldwide. So every county or region has its own server. So that users can play with others players who are from their region geographically. Like if you are from Asia you can select the Asia server. And you’ll find other players from the Asia server. But this is not necessary that if you live in Asia you have to choose Asia. You can choose any server you want from the list. But you should choose the server according to your geographical region so that you can get the low ping and can play the game without any connectivity issue.

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